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Beyond Good

Uncle Ray's |Video, Social, Design

The Ask: Bring the spirit of Uncle Ray's Potato Chips to life with a fun new brand message and an array of new chip flavors.

Uncle Ray had a problem.

In a world so stifled by chip competition, he needed to stand out.

From national brands like Lays to the local competition with Better Made, Uncle Ray’s Potato Chips needed a moniker. A one-of-a-kind way to grab attention.

That’s where Beyond Good came in.

The chips made at Uncle Ray’s aren’t just unique: at times, they can be downright bizarre; ever hear of ketchup-flavored chips? You have now. Beyond Good encapsulates that spectacular feeling everyone experiences when they take the first bite of a Memphis BBQ chip.

Because these chips aren't just good.

They're Beyond Good.

The Execution:

Uncle Ray's Flavor Ideas.png

Year of production: 2017 

Running Time: :10

Copy: Jacob Rivard

Art Direction: Kaitlyn Ohlrich

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